Our courses cost £36 and run in 4 week blocks. You will train at the same time and on the same day each week for 4 weeks. After your stage 1 course is complete, you will move onto stage 2, at the same time and day. See our Packages page for more info on sessions and pricing.

Next Adult 16+ Beginners Stage 1 Course. Monday 14th October. 6pm. £36

Next Kids Beginners Stage 1 Course. To be confirmed.

Adult 16+ 4 Week Conditioning Course. Thursday 24th October. 6pm. £20

Private Lessons

Private lessons start at just £25 per hour and we can accommodate up to 6 in a class. Private lessons are great for brushing up on skills. See our Packages page for more info on sessions and pricing.

What to Wear

T shirt & leggings but Bring a hoodie & socks to warm up in.

Practice Session

Practice session are held on Monday at 8pm and a Tuesday 7pm. These are open sessions to go over moves and combos you have learned in class previously.

This class is attended by students of all stages, and can give you a great insight as to where your classes will be heading! PLease book at reception as places are limited.

Stretch Class

Stretch class complements aerial fitness well, as it is important to work on flexibility as well as strength to become a well-rounded aerialist. Stretch session is held on Thursday at 8pm. Please book at reception as places are limited.

Try Before You Buy

On the last Friday of every month we run a taster session so you can ‘try before you buy’. For £5 you can take part in a one-hour class to see if you would like to join one of our 4 week courses. PLease call 01482 503020 to book.

Taster Session. Friday 25th October. 7pm. £5 

Tel – 01482 503020

Text – 07766223155

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